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Being lost in a sea of Hellos is quite interesting.

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'ello. I am Emily. Boring name, no? Despite my random Tendency toward strange (if completely correct) English grammar, I am an American.
*ignores the necessary boos to this announcement. *

I feel seriously old, since most of the ages of members appear to be about 15 and I am 20.

I am a junior of International business in college, concentrating on Japanese (not great a translating yet, so best not to ask me to help) minoring in geology and mathematics. I was a geology major until this semester. So feel free to ask me geology-ish questions.

I love cute funny manga, manwha of any genre.

I can't think of anything else to say about myself.


wow long introduction Happy .

I'm Hikaru.(most people calls me haru or haku don't know when it started but call me whatever you what). Nice meeting you Emily, your lucky that you were named Emily since one of my friend really loves that name. She even told me that she'll change her name to Emily. Anyways your name is not BORING as you see it Happy

20 hmm? it's where your not a teenager anymore it's sad Sad but at least your still reading this kind of comics since most going to 20 already quit reading it. (especially my older brother)

I heard it takes 4 years to master it. But if your busy it'll take 6 years to study Japanese Stressed (that's what my cousin told me in Japan).

Anyways thanks for joining SL Wink


Well, I am definitely not doing well at the end of year one, though I rarely study. ( I am an awful person, but its hard when everyone for miles only speaks English.)

So does your name mean light or radiance? *random question about kanji*

well, you see I when you share your entire legal name with 2,815 people in your country you feel quite boring. Though Emily does mean the enemy or the rival. So I always feel powerful!

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